DURATION: 1.5 hours

AGE group: 5 to 14 y.o.


Time to make your Halloween extra spooky with STEAM.With this printable Trick or Treat game, you’ll use colors to code your Evo or Bit and collect candy. The player who collects the most candy wins.


Just don’t forget the most important step. Before playing, dress up your Evo or Bit in a costume. This is the part where coders need to get crafty. Here at Ozobot HQ, we used anything and everything to decorate our Evo skins, from electrical tape to feathers to acrylic paints. Recreate your own Halloween costume. Or get inspiration from movies, TV shows, or even Mom and Dad’s favorite band…

Ozobot Trick or Treat

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    This pass allows you to visit any 4 weekend maker sessions of your choice. Using our Maker Pass you can join us on our 2-hour morning or evening Maker Club sessions, and choose from up to 10 different projects each time.


    We have 2 Maker Club sessions every Sunday for kids from ages 6 to 10.

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