Summer Camp 2022

For kids 5 - 14 years old
30 May to 26 August 2022
9 AM - 4 PM
Do you have a little inventor at home?
We're delighted to offer two new programmes for our Summer camp that will enable your kids to enter the world of Robotics or join our unique "Hands and Brain" Maker camp!

Kids will learn Robotics, Coding, Lego EV3, Lego WeDo, Circuit Modelling, Inventing, Creativity, Imagination, 3D Modelling, Engineering, Basic Programming, and Making. The course involves hands-on activities using many tools, such as 3D pens, Chibitronics, Makey Makey, Squishy Circuit, 3D puzzles, Quibits and others.

All camps run from 9 AM to 4 PM and we provide 2 snacks and lunch for all campers. Bus transportation can be provided on request.

Kids will be in small groups of 5 children of similar age.
Camps are available at 4 locations: CENTRE, EAST, WEST and NOVENA
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Updated 04.07.2022
Original equipment guarantee
Our key principal is to provide only original, latest available, world level equipment for our kids. We guarantee that all equipment is original and all kids have full access to needed tools.
Each camp costs 630 SGD.

2 snacks, healthy lunch, t-shirt, all materials and certificate included.

Maker summer camp

Are you looking for a summer camp in Singapore? At Maker it’s all about hands-on activities - kids get to design, construct, programme and experiment through activities as diverse as making a bridge from straws to having a robot battle. Everything we do is underpinned by the ethos that the deepest learning comes from doing. So whether your child’s into inventing, 3D puzzles, robots, or coding, they’ll be inspired by the creative activities on offer at our summer camp for kids in Singapore. We always provide the latest branded technology and ensure kids are supervised by experienced teachers who put their safety first. Campers take home at least one creation every day, which can be a great prompter for discussions about how much fun they had during the day. And thanks to the two hearty snacks and lunch provided they won’t go hungry either!

What to expect from the camp

This summer we’re delighted to offer two engaging camps with all-new content: 'Robotics Camp' and 'Hands and Brain Camp'. These inspiring summer camps will make kids desperate to return each day to start exciting new projects. Through both camps they’ll gain invaluable skills including inventing, creativity, 3D modelling, engineering, programming and making. Both camps are perfect for kids aged between 5 and 14 years.

Robotics Camp let's kids enter the cutting edge world of robotics and is perfect for inventors, designers, coders and creators. Robotics is a field that will soon become part of our everyday lives but at Robotics camp kids will get a head start! Whether they're creating a jumping kangaroo robot, constructing a catapult, taking part in a Lego competition, or learning about Robotic IQ, kids will learn about teamwork, resilience and real-world problem solving. Our diverse programme includes an introduction to robot coding, immersion in Ozobot world, and even gladiator robots. Welcome to the future - now!

Hands and Brain Camp offers an irresistible combination of design and doing, with an emphasis on the practical application of ideas to create ‘mind-blowing’ projects. This camp is ideal for little inventors, programmers and engineers.Whether they're building their own DNA, making an echo chamber, or playing a cardboard box labyrinth game, campers will gain transferable skills that will get them 'ahead' of their peers. Our inventive camp programme will allow kids to get hands-on with pneumatic machines, water purification systems, phenakistoscope projects and plenty of fun competitions. Eat your heart out Thomas Edison!


As well as teaching important skills such as creativity and programming, Maker offers kids the opportunity to make new friends, develop team working skills, and develop new passions, all while having heaps of fun. Our programmes foster imagination, encourage logic and scientific thinking, and help develop resilience and problem-solving skills.

How is Maker different?

Our summer camp in the school holidays runs Monday to Friday, with weekly prices of just $630 including 2 daily snacks, lunch, t-shirt, all materials and a certificate. To ensure the most efficient learning environment, we limit groups of kids to a maximum of 5 children of similar age. Door-to-door transportation, using a reputable school bus service, is available on request.

Information for parents

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Camp activities

Why choose our camp?

Sign up now for our Summer camp 2022! Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Maker:
  • Hands-on activities every day
  • Experienced teachers who make learning fun but put safety first
  • Premium quality, top brand equipment, such as 3D pens, Chibitronics, Makey Makey and Squishy Circuit
  • We foster lifelong skills such as creativity, teamwork, resilience and problem solving
  • Our blend of creative projects, games and competitions keeps kids engaged and having fun
  • Kids become familiar with technologies that will become increasingly important in the their futures
WEST: 887A Bukit Timah Road
NOVENA: 175 Thompson Road
CENTRE: 232A River Valley Road
EAST: 229 Joo Chiat Road